Security & CCTV Systems


Innovative techonology to protect your family

We are passionate about protecting what is important to you and offer the latest Security Options to protect your home from Intrusion and Theft. Once our team have established your full security requirements, based on your life style and time spent away from home, we can then give you the ultimate control over your security system.

cctc-icon-mirage-smart-home CCTV

 Remote operation allows you to operate and monitor your home wherever you are in the world for guaranteed peace of mind.

Get an instant alert on your smart phone, regardless of where in the world you are, if an alarm activates or someone approaches your property. You can then activate (or have pre-programmed) flashing lights and alarms to ward off those intruders.

We install and upgrade security systems using alarm systems, CCTV security cameras, network video recorders, perimeter protection, zoned security lighting, electric gates, automated garage doors, access control and smart locks.

With a single touch you can lockdown your home.

With a single instruction or pre-set programming you can activate alarms, close gates, lock doors, lower electric blinds, adjust indoor and outdoor lighting and more.